Make Jerwin Your Personal Suzhou Concierge Today!

Jerwin is a native Chinese personal bilingual assistant to help you in all kinds of situations from house hunting to business office acquisitions to simple stuff like TaoBao purchases, errands and car service. Monthly service plans start at 200 RMB.

Call or text Jerwin today at 13815257684 or email to

How Jerwin Yu Can Help You!

Have you ever been in a tight spot in China and just wished you had a native speaker on your speed dial to talk to the repair guy or to help you with something simple, but critical?

Have you ever needed a quick, urgent errand run or some simple advice on how to find something in China?  Wanna buy an ebike or other major purchase?

Are you looking for a cheap, legitimate business address for your WOFE to use?  Maybe you want to find an apartment and are tired of paying the “foreigner” price or maybe you need help sourcing something at a factory here locally?

Want to find some AFFORDABLE used furniture in Suzhou? Do you just need a safe driver for a day or two while you have family/friends around or need to buy something off TaoBao (the Chinese Ebay)?

Well I can be your personal concierge for just such occasions!

Jerwin Has Contacts For All of This And More!

 Miscellaneous Services are quoted on request!

About Jerwin

I am just a handy Chinese guy who happens to speak decent English.

I am a safe, clean, non-smoker with my own car and can help you in your hour of need.  I have several, affordable plans, or you can just call me out of the blue next time you need something.

Best of all, I’m knowledgeable about Suzhou and China and CHEAP!  Monthly memberships to my services start at just 200 RMB per month,and i charge hourly on other services.

No job too big or too small but act fast, I will only be taking on a few clients!

Give me a call today, I promise not to disappoint!

Contact Jerwin Today!

Suzhou EZR Living – Personal Living Concierge
Jerwin Yu
(Zhiwen Yu)
10-604, Huating Yuan XingMing Street (near In City Shopping Mall)
SIP Suzou City 2150000
Mobile/Text Msg: 138-15257684

“Now you can be fluent when you need it most…”